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Role: User Researcher / Interaction Designer / User testing / Wireframing / Prototiping / User flows

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Ubeeqo is a car sharing company, the goal is to be an alternative to car ownership.
It offers its customers a Round trip Car Sharing corporate service, is a hire car for pay per use.

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Client: Ubeeqo

Job Description: Guerrilla test, Face to Face Moderate Test, Flow Chart, Wireflows, Screen Flow, Prototyping, Design UI Guide System.

Duration: 15/08/2017 – 15/12/2017


UX Designer tools:

User research, Axure, Tree testing, Paper, Pencil, Survey tools
captura de imagen Ubeeqo


The main objectives ranged from the creation of wireflows for the development team for the correct understanding of flows, testing with component users, workshops for the generation of ideas, prototyping, working with style guides in support of the UI.

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