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Pablo Tosco

Role: Front-end Developer

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Pablo Tosco has traveled the world registering with his camera several pieces of culture from a different point of view, a culture that we do not know and that is worth knowing.



Client: Pablo Tosco

Job Description: Interaction Designer, Front-end Developer

Duration: AugustĀ 2015 / October 2015


Front-end developer tools:

Css, Html, Php, jQuery, Axure, Photoshop, Wordpress
captura de imagen Pablo Tosco


As a photographer one of the most important challenges was the treatment of the images, on the other hand one of the demands of the client was to transmit a critical message in a forceful way.
Create a clearly detailed information architecture.
We raised the need to not give importance to the hierarchy of content, did not see the need to receive the user on the home with a summary of the content of the site.

captura de imagen Pablo Tosco

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