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Nateevo, part of the VASS Group, is a digital accelerator for companies. Nateevo offers end-to-end services to its partners who need to adapt quickly to the new digital environment. In Nateevo it is defined as a company with a high strategic character accompanied by all the technological solvency inherent to the VASS brand and with a fast and autonomous team in the execution.

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Company:: Ubeeqo

Duration: 02/01/2018 – Actually

Permanent employee


UX Designer tools:

User research methods, Axure, Invision, Tree testing, Paper, Pencil, talk, test again and again etc...
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The main objective is to develop solutions with the best quality.

Within the needs of the consultant and its clients I have used appropriate methods at each stage of the process, testing users in the initial and final phase, creating high and low fidelity wireframes also in the initial and final phases.

Most of the advances in each project are tested with stakeholders following the guerrilla test technique in order to find quick solutions in creation phases.

I have met with clients to understand their needs and interviewed stakeholders to obtain the best possible feedback. I have worked in a team continuously contrasting prototypes and designs. I have worked directly with external companies in charge of implementing the development phase of a project.

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